Downloading the Bible

Brian - allows you to download the Bible for offline listening and reading. Here are some great steps to help you get started:

  1. In the text screen, tap the Menu icon on the top left corner (sidenav.png)
  2. From the main menu tap Downloads, and then Download More Bibles. 
  3. Select your version from Recent, Language, or Country.
  4. Once you have your version selected, you either choose download by audio or text (the two tabs at the top).
  5. Audio will give you the options to download by chapter or book. 
  6. Text will let you download a by Testament
  7. Once you have completed downloading, you can go into airplane mode and enjoy this content for offline use. 

We are always working on ways to enhance this feature and would love to hear from you at Support team if you need further assistance.

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