Bible Text Settings

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To change your Bible text settings simply touch and/or pull down from the top of the screen under the Chapter title, and you will see a menu appear with four different categories. 

  1. Theme
  2. Sleep Timer
  3. Font
  4. Text Size  

Theme: you can change the background colors from white to black by selecting either Day or Night.  The Auto selection will either give you a white background or a black background depending on how bright it is around you.

Sleep Timer: you can set the time you may desire ranging from 10 minutes up to one hour. Once you have chosen your desired time and that time has run out, if you are listening to the audio bible the audio will cut out and ask you if you want to extend the timer or cancel. 

Font: you may have up to three different fonts to choose from or you may only have one, depending on the device you are using and the bible version you have chosen. 

Text Size: you can toggle the blue dot along the line it is on to the text size that is best suited for you. 


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