8 One Hour Steps to Hear God Speak to You!

Brian -

Do you want to hear God speak to you? Well, you can each day, in one simple program. We would like to encourage you to join Faith Comes By Hearing and Anne Graham Lotz's new listening program, God Speaking

What is "God Speaking"?

Starting on August first, carve out eight hours over the first eight days of the month. You and many others around the world will unite to hear 'God Speaking', well, His Word speaking. You will start traveling from Genesis to Matthew and onward to Revelation. Oh, and you'll have access to over 900 Languages too. 

Did You Say 900 Languages?

Yes, we did. At Faith Comes By Hearing, we produce Audio Bibles, in the languages of the world. Simply sign up for this listening program and you can join us in over 900 languages.

Why Should I Participate? 

Anne shared her heart with us saying, "In these days of chaos and confusion, hopelessness and helplessness, what would happen if everyone hit life’s pause button, and made time to listen to what God has to say?"

We too share these sentiments and have had the great opportunity to see lives changed and renewed simply by hearing God's Word. So, let's find out what will happen when we join together and listen to what HE has to say. 

“I know from personal experience the calming and healing nature of God’s Word...Engaging with Scripture in your own heart language is transformational.”

- Troy Carl, Vice President of Faith Comes By Hearing.

Okay, Where do I Begin?

Start this journey with us by signing up at God Speaking. Here you will find the best way for you to access this listening program. We look forward to embarking on this with you as we set aside time together and hear God Speaking.


For more information about this program, click here, or download the smartphone app for iOS and Android.


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